Our Experience

Garment Management Systems develops innovative business solutions for a variety of established clients.  Owner Brett McLeod was the first to develop auto assembly systems which use an order method, and he invented JacketRAK, the only fully automated coat check system in the United States.  Another GMS product line, QuickSeal, was developed with a partner manufacturer in response to a need for an improved heat seal machine commonly used in the dry cleaning industry.  QuickSeal heat seal machines, with the best warranty in the industry, are constructed of high quality parts and have a smaller footprint than most of its competitors.

The QuickSort automated assembly system is the flagship product of Garment Management Systems.  QuickSort’s short return on investment period, coupled with its proficiency in eliminating assembly headaches while increasing profitability, make it an easy choice for drycleaners with multiple people in the assembly area.  Moreover, virtually the same conveyor system can be used in uniform delivery rooms and automated coat check systems.  GMS developed and invested in proprietary software to create the Ready2Wear automated uniform system and JacketRAK automated coat check system for casinos and hotels.

The vision of Garment Management Systems is to provide revolutionary automation that is cost-effective, effortless and dependable.  Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, the professionals at GMS have installed over 100 systems in dry cleaners, casinos and hotels spanning over 30 states and Puerto Rico.  GMS is large enough to handle all your needs, yet personal enough to care about all of your concerns. 

Founder Brett McLeod is a graduate of Auburn University.  As a chemical engineer graduate, Brett went to work for Dow Chemical Company.  It was there that he first evaluated and improved production processes.  Brett took his experience and passion for improving operations to the garment industry in 2003.  After working in the industry for almost a decade, he purchased the QuickSort product line from Iowa Techniques and formed Garment Management Systems in 2012.  His development of new concepts has made him an industry leader. 

Put Garment Management Services’ precision, creativity and passion for customer service to work for you!