QuickSort - It Can Be Done!

The QuickSort System

Product Description

QuickSort DescriptionThe 2nd generation auto assembly garment conveyor from the originator of the order assembly method, QuickSort is a cost effective production piece that will save labor, improve order accuracy, and eliminate other headaches of order management.  The QuickSort System is ideal for any cleaner that assembles 300 to 2500+ garments per day.  QuickSort garment conveyor will allow you to process that volume with only one employee.  Our auto assembly system will allow you to free up space and eliminate costly mistakes.  With the affordability of QuickSort, you will immediately see savings of over $750 per month.

QuickSort Software

The QuickSort software program is the best, most user-friendly system on the market.  It uses the customer information from your existing point of sale system to create customer records for use during assembly. QuickSort sotware, with its separate database, makes short work out of end-of-day reconciliation.

QuickSort Software

Product Features

QuickSort Product FeaturesThe QuickSort conveyor is available in three standard sizes.  Custom size configurations are also available upon request.

  • 18' QuickSort has 238 slots
  • 14' QuickSort has 182 slots
  • 10' QuickSort has 126 slots

The QuickSort System also includes:

  • Computer User Station
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Thermal Invoice Printer

How It Works

The operator simply scans and hangs without taking a step!

Tecnical Overview

QuickStock Technical Overview

Barcode Placement

QuickSort Barcode Placement