QuickSeal Heat Seal Machine

Stick with something reliable. QuickSeal is the heat seal machine you can always count on!

QuickSeal Heat Seal Machine

Product Description

The QuickSeal heat seal machine was designed specifically for the dry cleaning industry and is for use in applying barcode labels to garments. The QuickSeal heat seal equipment is a heavy duty, auto-opening, small format heat press. The QuickSeal heat seal machines are reliable, easy to use, and its small size allows for use on any work table surface. The operator can effortlessly isolate the area to be pressed, while the remainder of the garment drapes around the

pedestal. Features such as the electromagnet will not allow the operator to lift the handle before the pre-set time has elapsed, virtually eliminating operator error. The QuickSeal heat seal machine simply needs standard 110V household power and does NOT require compressed air. The QuickSeal heat seal machines are manufactured to comply with OSHA standards, made in the USA, and boasts a solid steel welded frame and indestructible base.

Barcode Placement Tag & Scan

This diagram shows the usual placement of barcode labels for polo shirts, dress shirts and pants.