QuickSort Automated Assembly System

Imagine your entire production assembly being completed by one person with no mistakes. It can be done!

QuickSort Conveyor

Product Description

A third generation auto assembly garment conveyor, and the originator of the order assembly method, QuickSort assembly system is a cost effective production piece that will save labor, improve order accuracy, and eliminate other headaches of order management. A single QuickSort assembly system is ideal for any cleaner that assembles 300 to 2,500+ garments per day.

The QuickSort assembly system will allow you to process that volume with only one employee. For higher volumes, multiple units are applicable. Our automatic assembly system will allow you to free up space and eliminate costly mistakes. With the affordability of QuickSort, you will immediately see saving of over $750 per month, resulting in a return of investment of less than two years.

How It Works QuickSort

The operator simply scans and hangs without taking a step! View below to see an example of our quick process.

Technical Overview QuickSort

Here is an example of the typical layout for the 18′ QuickSort, which has a total of 238 slots available for processing.

Typical Layout

Barcode Placement Tag & Scan

This diagram shows the usual placement of barcode labels for polo shirts, dress shirts and pants.