QuickTAG Invoice Application System

A simple and cost-effective solution to the problem of how to attach the invoice to an order when using an automatic bagger. When used in combination with our assembly system and an automatic bagger, the package is a less expensive and more reliable alternative to a fully automatic system.

QuickSeal Heat Seal Machine

Product Description

The QuickTAG Invoice Application System provides a better way to attach the invoice to a garment prior to bagging. It is intended to be used with our QuickSort Assembly System and an automatic bagger. When QuickTAG is used in conjunction with the assembly system and automatic bagger, the package has key advantages over the more expensive fully automatic systems.

Sequence of Events

When the order is completed, a label is automatically printed.

The assembly operator runs the neck of one hanger through the QuickTAG Invoice Applicator resulting in the invoice being attached to the neck of the hanger.

The assembly operator removes all the pieces of the order from the conveyor and places them on the power rail to the bagger.

The order is bagged and discharged from the automatic bagger.