Testimonials Garment Management Systems

Allan R Cripe CED, CPD
Owner, Valet Cleaners and Coin Laundry

“Not only did I reduce my assembly staff from 2 people to 1, I also noticed significant reduction in mark in labor costs as well. The opportunity for human error has been vastly reduced. I should have switched years ago when Brett first spoke with me!!”

Jason Frank
Owner, Valet Cleaners and Coin Laundry

“I purchased my 1st Quicksort system over 8 years ago. I had 2 separate plants and placed the 1st system in my Dry-cleaning plant. At the time, it was the location that was utilizing the most labor for my Assisted Assemble System. Within 1 month of installation I had such a significant saving on labor and also mistakes, that immediately ordered my 2nd system for my Shirt Laundry Plant. In 8 years we have not missed 1 day of commitments due to any issues with Quicksort. There is no other product in my plants that has the reliability of my Quicksort system. There are other systems out there that look like they do more, but if you really study the labor needed for all systems, Quicksort wins every time.”

Brian Robertson
Owner, Comet Cleaners of Corinth

“I just wanted to write you and let you know how incredible my experience with your product has been. In my 20 years in this industry I’ve bought a lot of equipment. Ask my wife; she claims I’ve never seen a new piece I didn’t need 🙂 I can honestly say that the QuickSort is the single best item I’ve ever purchased. Why? The direct labor saving payback was less than one year. The increased efficiency from barcoding at the mark in counter coupled with the complete elimination of assembly mistakes makes this the smartest business decision I’ve ever made, and one that is paying daily financial dividends.”

Amin Bata
Owner, Pepper Square Cleaners

“We have had the Quicksort assembly conveyor for 1 year. Assembly time is reduced by about 1 hour each day. But more importantly, worker fatigue is tremendously reduced as the assembler no longer has to take 3-4 footsteps for each garment. Furthermore, Brett and Bryan at GMS have been wonderful to deal with.”

Paula Kostick
Owner & General Manager, Classic Drycleaners & Laundromats

“My company, Classic Drycleaners, completed a one million dollar plant renovation in 2017. Our goal was to purchase and install the best equipment we could while staying within in our budget. We chose Quick Sort as our automated assembly system after much research and plant visits to see not only Quick Sort, but two other well-known assembly systems. The system has been up and running for almost a year and we have had only a couple minor issues that were quickly solved by the QuickSort team. I highly recommend this system to be reliable, employee friendly, and affordable.”